Panel Glides are the latest innovation in window coverings. With a contemporary look and feel, they are ideally suited for sliding or bi-fold doors and can also double as a room divider. Whether you choose a fabric or timber trim finish, Cairns panel glides will transform the look of any room.

Panel Glides consist of large fabric panels which stack neatly behind one another when open, providing maximum light to the room. When closed, panel glides control light, reduce glare and increase privacy.

Can be custom made to suit your door or window size, with easy operation.

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Cairns Panel Glides

Cairns panel glides are perfectly suited to provide privacy and shade for large sliding glass doors, openings or windows. With their easy movement and control, one panel can be pulled back to provide access while maintaining privacy.

With a startlingly simple design, panel glides effortlessly complement all forms of interior design and easily stack to one side, when not in use. Our range of Cairns panel glides are available in a wide range of decorative colours, textures and transparencies.

Panel Glides | Features & Benefits

  • Available in blockout or transparent fabrics
  • Timber batten trim available
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Easy wand operation
  • Custom made to fit all door and window sizes
  • Great for ventilation and wet areas
Cairns Panel Glides



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