Motorised blinds are making a grand entrance in home and office automation. As well as being stylish, they provide the perfect solution for high and difficult to access windows. Available in a range of colours and fabrics.

Motorised blinds are suitable for all environments, from the boardroom, to the bedroom, to the outdoor patio and everywhere in between. At i.D BLiNDS we love motorized blinds because they are so flexible, suit most decors and even come in sunscreen material, making them just perfect for Cairns. Contact us today for a free quote on your Cairns motorized blind. (07) 4051 2432 or

Cairns Motorised Blinds

Cairns motorized blinds feature in both private and commercial environments and are becoming more and more popular with clients. From a simple hand held remote, controlling a single blind, to multiple blinds being operated through a home automation system, i.D. BLiNDS has endless motorised blind options for you. Battery remote or hard wired, all of i.D. BLiNDS’ motorised blinds come with a five-year limited warranty on motors and have smooth, quiet operation. Additions such as timers and sun sensors can take motorisation to the next level of modernisation for the discerning property owner. We can even motorise curtains.

Motorised Blinds | Features & Benefits

  • Available as battery remote or hard wired
  • Available for many different styles of blinds and curtains
  • 5-year limited warranty on motors
  • Smooth quiet operation
Cairns Motorised Blinds Cairns Motorised Blinds Cairns Motorised Blinds Cairns Motorised Blinds

Cairns Motorised Blinds | Qmotion Blinds

Waking to see through your window with the click of a button … now you can with the affordable Qmotion blind technology brought to you by i.D. BLiNDS. Brilliant technology that should have been thought of years ago!

Manage the light in your home or out door area with the tough of a button, with your hand, even use your smart phone or tablet. It’s easier to protect your linen, furniture and paintings or cool the room down for a meeting in an instant. Ssh, it’s so quiet you won’t know it’s happening, the battery is cleverly hidden inside the roller tube. At last I hear you cry, no wires or cords and no electrician required to install it.

As well as having multiple control options you can move it by hand too of course. The technology is so smooth now that less friction means your battery is guaranteed for 5 years, and yes, before you ask they’re included too! This is a brilliant product, these blinds are both child and pet friendly and safe for both residential and commercial use. Here in the far north we are all used to our belongings fading by ultraviolet rays breaking down the chemical bonds in them.

i.D. BLiNDS ensures that this luxury technology is affordable too. Motorisation of your roller blinds starts from $375.

Whether it’s an office space, entertainment room, bedroom or outdoor area that needs shade, the look is bang on. There’s a good selection of both fixtures and textures to suit every space.

i.D. BLiNDS is able to measure, order and install your new blind within a 4 weeks. That’s super quick for bespoke blinds. Plus, you don’t have to pay for an electrician, remember.



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